Management and Strategy Institute continues rapid expansion within the continuous improvement industry.

The Management and Strategy Institute may not be the largest continuous improvement association in the US, but its dominance within Six Sigma is quickly solidifying.  MSI’s focus on offering industry-specific certifications, rather than a catch-all certification focused primarily on manufacturing, is the primary driver of their explosive growth.

The company’s growth over the past ten years has been massive.  Growing from a small regional trainer to an internationally recognized certification body.  MSI has used every traditional advertising medium to spread the word about their certifications, but the primary growth driver for the company has been word-of-mouth advertising.  MSI has far outpaced its competitors in Six Sigma Certifications, signing deals with large organizations and colleges throughout the US to provide certification services.  The Six Sigma Body of Knowledge they have developed is now used by organizations worldwide.

Bright Future For Continuous Improvement Initiatives
As organizations look for ways to control costs, continuous improvement projects continue to grow in popularity.  A company simply can’t compete in the global market without a total quality management strategy in place.  Global supply chain issues created by the pandemic have further highlighted waste and excess movement within the product distribution line.  MSI leads in this regards.  As you can see from the chart below, MSI has rapidly outpaced its competitors in Six Sigma certification offerings, as well as all other modalities like 5S and Lean.

Affordable and accessible, but also respected
MSI has thrived in the certification industry because of its laser focus on three key elements: Affordability, Accessibility, Respect

  • Affordability – There aren’t many organizations that can state they haven’t raised prices in over ten years!  MSI has focused on keeping its organization as lean as possible and passing those savings directly to consumers.  MSI made the decision to include free study material with every certification they issue.  When you register, you get the study material and the exam bundled together.

  • Accessibility – One of the driving forces behind the launch of MSI in 2011 was a problem the founders called “the boy’s club.”  In essence, the problem is this: “You can’t get a job until you’re certified, but you can’t get certified until you have a job.”  This is the way most certification bodies operate.  They expect someone to have years of prior experience before they can be certified in Six Sigma. Yet, no organization will let them work on a project unless they have a certification.  MSI designed their certification programs in a way that they don’t have any pre-requisites.  Even someone with no prior continuous improvement experience can register a take a certification exam.  They use truly game-changing lms technology to present the learning material in a way that is easy to understand. 

  • Respect – MSI has gone to great lengths to ensure its certifications are well-respected within the business community.  They hire top industry experts to design their training material and exams.  They also partner with thousands of organizations, federal and state agencies, and colleges to issue certifications throughout the US and internationally.  MSI was even rated as one of the best places to be certified in India, even though they are located in the United States.  It’s not surprising that the Management and Strategy Institute was recognized as a key player in the quality management industry.

Unsurprisingly, MSI reigned supreme across the board for continuous improvement certifications.  With a 4.8 score on Trustpilot, it’s clear their members love them.