Is Getting a Six Sigma Certification Worth It?

When looking to advance your professional life, you may have asked yourself, “Is getting a Six Sigma certification worth the time and effort you put into it?” Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: Yes!

Six Sigma certification provides a sound basis upon which an individual can build. By enhancing your professional development online with a Six Sigma certification, you are adding value to your professional persona by learning new skills which can be implemented in your career.

After completing the Six Sigma certification, an individual will have the tools and knowledge to handle project management tasks. They can then continuously improve their skills through additional online professional development courses.

Here we will discuss the benefits of getting a Six Sigma certification to improve your skillset in the workplace:

Increased Compliance Awareness and Application
Once someone is Six Sigma certified, awareness and implementation of strict guidelines to ensure compliance with industry standards can be simplified. They can then be incorporated throughout the company. Six Sigma requires a high level of business compliance awareness., which can be utilized to obtain more clients by complying with national and international industry guidelines.

Streamline Internal Business Processes to Improve Quality and Quantity of Output
As an individual works their way through the sigma certifications, they’ll be able to identify internal processes that need enhancement. This will boost both quality and productivity. A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt will be able to quickly determine ways to improve performance while still maintaining an optimal level of quality.

No matter the industry, a Six Sigma professional will bring the necessary expertise to the organization. This ensures processes are continuously adhered to and a comprehensive strategy is built to maintain protocols throughout the various stages of implementation

Creating Value and Reducing Risk in a Professional Environment
Six Sigma certification recipients also have the ability to clearly identify potential risks and opportunities for error during any stage of the business process. This leads to additional options for the individual. Their skillset will be recognized as a critical component to the overall success and continued development of the organization.

Improved Professional Worth Across Multiple Business Sectors
Currently, the standards taught during Six Sigma certification, including all belt levels such as green and yellow belts, add to an individual’s professional value. Six Sigma is now a defined process across industries like financial services, aerospace design and construction, telecommunications, and many more. Someone who has received Sigma certification is highly sought after by organizations. This increases the potential for personal growth while also bringing a valuable skillset to any job an individual takes.

Management Opportunities
It goes without saying, with Six Sigma certification, one has the ability to move up no matter where they are employed. After Sigma training, someone will have the skills necessary to be successful in a management position. They’ll have the knowledge to identify risks, refine internal processes, and be able to encourage these attributes in their employees as well.

Better Compensation
With increased management opportunities and improved value in the workplace, a Six Sigma certified worker can make significant gains in compensation. An individual who is Sigma certified will also make more money during their professional career compared to someone who lacks Sigma training.

Methodologies surrounding Sigma are very attractive to businesses, and they will compensate those that have acquired the belt certifications accordingly.

Incorporating Lean Six Sigma Methodology Into Operational Procedures
When someone who is Six Sigma certified transitions into a new position at work, they can immediately begin to incorporate Sigma methodologies into their activities. Businesses are always looking for individuals who can continuously improve internal processes and start improvement projects to increase productivity and quality of results.

That’s why it’s vital to anyone looking to excel in their professional career to understand the importance of Lean Six Sigma certification. Online professional development courses in Six Sigma will provide job seekers with unique skills that are highly sought after in the market. The ability to comprehensively define, measure, analyze, and improve business processes is a valuable talent that can’t be attained through traditional business courses.

Only Six Sigma online professional development training can help an individual truly understand the complexities of the corporate world. They’ll have what it takes to implement changes that foster tangible improvements.

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