How a Six Sigma Certification Can Help You Land a Government Job

Six Sigma management strategies have been helping businesses streamline internal processes, improve quality, and reduce waste since their inception in the late 1980s. While Six Sigma is well-known and respected for its influence in the private sector, its techniques have also helped to improve government practices and increase efficiency in the public sector.
Below, you will learn about Six Sigma and how it pertains to government. You will also learn about possible government roles that seek out Six Sigma certified applicants and how you can get certified quickly.
But first, what is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is a set of management tools and techniques aimed at improving quality and efficiency within a business. For over 25 years, this approach to process improvement has been helping companies to achieve sustained quality while cutting significant costs in manufacturing and business processes.
How does Six Sigma relate to government?
Some of the primary goals of Six Sigma management techniques are to improve efficiency and reduce waste. As tax-funded organizations, government agencies are often urged to cut costs while maintaining and even expanding the services they provide. In this regard, Six Sigma principles have been used by government agencies to effectively cut costs and increase efficiency. More and more government organizations are adopting Six Sigma practices to reduce and improve regulations while lowering costs.
What jobs seek Six Sigma certified applicants?
As Six Sigma practices continue to grow within the private sector, government agencies are increasingly seeking candidates with Six Sigma certifications. Positions like “Business Process Improvement Lead” or “Process Improvement Engineer” are highly-sought positions for which Six Sigma certification programs prepare students. Project Managers and Business Analysts for various government offices are also among the many roles that value Six Sigma.
How do I get certified?
To enroll in a Six Sigma training course, visit The Management and Strategy Institute and review the various classes available. Yellow and Green Belt courses require little-to-no prior experience with the methodology and will familiarize and prepare you for a role within a Six Sigma organization. Courses are completed at the student’s pace, and the certification exam is taken online when the person is ready.
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