Get a Crash Course in Six Sigma Basics by Earning Your White Belt

Have you been hearing the term “Six Sigma” thrown around by friends and colleagues? Right now, Six Sigma certifications are in high demand in an array of industries including healthcare, information technology, logistics, and more. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking one of our Six Sigma certification programs, but are unsure which one to sign up for without knowing the roles that are expected of each one.


Our Lean Six Sigma White Belt Course offers an overview of many essential concepts in Six Sigma, as well as providing a description of what is expected in the workplace for each belt level.

The White Belt course reviews the following information:

  • History of Six Sigma – What exactly is Six Sigma, and why is it used in businesses?
  • The DMAIC Method – What is it, and why is this process used?
  • Six Sigma Belts and Roles – What are each of the belt levels, and how do they fit into the workplace?
  • Lean – What are Lean processes, and how are they used?

This brief course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, although you do not need to complete it in one session. After you finish the course, you will be able to take a short exam to test your knowledge. While it is open-note, it is a timed exam, so it is best to make sure you’re familiar with the material first. With a passing score, you’ll receive your certificate of completion as soon as you finish. 

Why should you take our Lean Six Sigma White Belt course?

  • It’s free. There’s no cost to try our White Belt course. If you decide that Six Sigma online learning is not a good fit for you, then there is no obligation to continue.
  • It will help you in your workplace. Tired of not knowing what your colleagues and managers are talking about when they’re discussing DMAIC processes? The Lean Six Sigma White Belt course will give you a solid foundation to help your join the conversation.
  • It will give you a leg up on the competition. Employers want to see self-motivated workers, and adding a Six Sigma certification to your resume tells them that you are willing to continue learning and improving yourself.

Give our Lean Six Sigma White Belt course a try today! If you find it beneficial, consider continuing your education with one of our other courses, such as the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course.