Free Business Courses for Public Libraries

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is excited to announce the launch of our free national library training programs.  We’re calling this free library offering the “Critical Business Skills Initiative”.  The Critical Business Skills Initiative is designed to give training and certification programs to library users across the country who may otherwise not have access to these types of business courses.

The Critical Business Skills Initiative includes all free certification courses provided by MSI.  Free Programs can be found here.  These programs provide a strong mix of critical skills that every employer wants to see from their employees.  Programs are designed to be completed in just 20 to 30 minutes, allowing students to achieve a valuable education in business skills quickly.

The first two programs include online training as well as a certification exam at the end of the training.  Members who successfully pass the exam will be certified through the institute and receive a digital certificate that they can print!


In addition to these two certification programs we also offer courses in Business Management and Misinformation Training.

MSI dedicates a lot of time giving back to the communities it serves.  Many of these contributions are made through the MSIcares philanthropy program.  Most actions that MSI has taken through MSIcares have revolved around financial contributions to needy charities.  This initiative is MSI’s first program designed specifically to help communities through training and enrichment of knowledge through free training.  We realize the important role that libraries play in our communities and we are very excited to be offering these programs.  The Critical Business Skills Initiative is starting with five programs however there are plans to add many additional programs in the future.  If there is a business skill which we feel can help someone gain employment, we hope to eventually add it to this initiative.

Want to learn more about the Critical Business Skills Initiative?  You can visit the About Free Certifications page here.  Help us spread the word and make sure your local library knows about these free programs!