February 2023 winners of the Continuous Improvement Award

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Management and Strategy Institute issues eleven Continuous Improvement Awards in the month of February 2023.

DOWNINGTOWN, PA, USA, February 13, 2022 — The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI Certified) announced the winners of the February 2023 Continuous Improvement Professional Awards. These awards are issued to individual professionals that meet MSI’s strict adherence to implementing continuous improvement methodologies. Winners must demonstrate a commitment to streamlining processes, quality management, long-term strategies, and the professional development of themselves and others. Only a small percentage of applicants are issued the award. Winners typically have process improvement experience using tools such as Six Sigma, Lean, or Total Quality Management. They also demonstrate continuous improvement in themselves through volunteer work and improving their local communities.

Continuous Improvement Professional Award Winners - February 2023

Shane Christensen
Keith Massey
Jeannette Crawford
Kristen Wolfe
Jennifer James
Danielle Ramsey

Organizational Continuous Improvement Award

The prestigious Organizational Continuous Improvement Award is a competitive award issued only to those organizations that truly show dedication to the advancement of continuous improvement.