Coupons for Six Sigma certification

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Depending on the type of training you need, there are many coupons available for Six Sigma Certification programs.  Whether you plan to take an expensive classroom based training program or take an online certification program, there are many deals to be found.

Getting your certification shows perspective employers that you’ve taken the time to learn about process improvement and waste reduction.  The DMAIC process, which is used during a Six Sigma project, helps companies identify waste and inefficiencies.  Knowing how to limit and reduce these inefficiencies is a skill that employers are always looking for.

Below we’ve compiled several ways you can find a coupon for Six Sigma certification, both through MSI or another organization.

Below are just a few of the ways you can find coupons for Six Sigma certifications and training programs.

Search on Deal sites like Groupon – Groupon is a well-known deals website.  They are mostly thought of as a place to find great deals on vacations or gadgets.  Did you know they have a large assortment of deals on training programs too!  You can also check websites like LivingSocial or Stacksocial to see what deals they have available.

The Management and Strategy Institute runs offers on Groupon occasionally to help bring awareness to the certification industry.  

Search on Coupon sites – There are many coupon websites which list coupon codes used to take a certain percentage off the purchase price.  Many of these sites include discounts on training and certification programs as well as physical goods.  Some of the most popular sites include:


Subscribe to email newsletters – Finding a company that offers Six Sigma certification is easy, just do a simple Google search.  Locate the top 5 companies you’re interested in doing business with and check to see if they have an email newsletter.  Most companies offer coupons and discounts that are exclusive to their email newsletter subscribers.  Be sure to subscribe to the Management and Strategy Institute Newsletter.

Try Google – Perhaps you’ve already found a company you’re interested in getting certified through.  Try doing a Google search for the name of the company, plus the word coupon.  This could reveal hidden coupons or discount pages that the company has set up.

Ask your employer to pay – This isn’t really a ‘coupon’ but it’s worth mentioning because so many people don’t think to try it.  Most employers have some type of Continuing Education program where they will reimburse employees for training and certification.  Check to see if your employer is willing to pay for a “continuous improvement” certification like Six Sigma or Total Quality Management.  Even if your employer doesn’t have a continuing education policy, they still might be willing to pay.  Having a certified Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt can often lead to the company saving money in the long run.

Contact the company directly – Finally, contact the company directly.  Perhaps you fall into a category that the company has discounts for.  Are you a veteran?  Are you a college student?  Are you currently unemployed?  Many certification companies will offer unadvertised special deals to these types of customers to give them a helping hand!  It can’t hurt to email their customer service department and ask.

Are there coupons for Management and Strategy Institute?

Yes, you can find coupons for MSI certifications Here:  Coupons