Best institute for lean six sigma certification in India

While the Management and Strategy Institute is located in the United States, we have become one of the top lean six sigma certification bodies for professionals in both the US and India.  The manufacturing sector in India is growing by 9.5% per year.  In 2020 manufacturing accounted for a staggering 17.4% of India’s GDP, and it’s growing every year.  With this type of growth, it is natural that manufacturing will look to implement process improvement methods.

Beyond manufacturing, other areas seeing immense growth in India are healthcare, retail, and logistics.  These are all areas where Six Sigma methods are regularly implemented, and having employees who have a six sigma certification is critical.  Here’s an interesting fact; there are over 10,000+ process improvement jobs currently available in India.  Just take a look at this indeed search for “process improvement jobs”.  The MSI Six Sigma BoK for Six Sigma works across all industries and all countries.  Experienced process improvement professionals can make up to ₹1,033,800 in many industries.  This is why certification is so critical for people looking for employment.  You must have the skills (hard and soft skills) on your resume to stand out.

Let’s talk about three industries that are growing rapidly in India and how Lean Six Sigma is going to play an important role:

  1. Electric Cars – The electric car market in India is growing rapidly, just like here in the US.  Manufacturing is the home of Lean Six Sigma, and the Six Sigma methods are being deployed throughout the automotive industry.  Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) will be essential as this industry expands, creating thousands of jobs.

  2. Space – Yes, there is a growing space industry in India.  Producing products at the 6σ standard is more critical in the space industry than any other.  Even a small variance can have disastrous consequences.  Expect to see continuous improvement principles deployed regularly in this industry.

  3. Climate Change and decarbonization – Natural gas and electric are the future power-sources in India as decarbonization takes hold.  These industries require Lean Six Sigma since small changes in production processes can have a big impact on climate.  Lean Six Sigma will help ensure new factories are run efficiently with little to no waste in the production process.

Here are just a few of the reasons MSI has become one of the largest lean six sigma certification bodies serving members in India:


  • Lower price in US dollars, making it more affordable when using the Indian rupee.
  • 100% online and self-paced.  Our programs can easily be completed online from anywhere.  Our programs have low band-wide requirements, meaning materials and exams load quickly.
  • Our programs cover the key elements you need to achieve success.  They are not bloated with excess material like most of our competitors.
  • Respected by employers.  The MSI name is respected by employers worldwide.
  • 250,000+ members working in top organizations around the world.
  • Employers in India look for certifications from other countries, especially the US.