Advance Your Career with Our New Free Project Management Certification

Are you in need of a career change or looking to advance your business sense? Project management is an entirely different area of the industry that entails working on a temporary endeavor for the purpose of producing a certain service, product, or result. As with most areas in the business world, project management is one that can be tricky, hard to navigate, and an in-depth study. That is why at The Management and Strategy Institute, it is our goal to make it that much easier for you to learn, get your hands wet, and further emphasize the field you are interested in.


Our new certification is an online course that will give you a basic understanding of project management in order to propel you forward for new and exciting career possibilities. No prior knowledge is required in order to take this certification, and anyone can enroll at any time. It only takes 20 minutes and will be a great asset to your resume.

What Does the Project Management Certification Include?

  • 20-minute training program with study material
  • 15-question online certification exam

What Will I Learn?

  • How to plan for the proper execution of a project
  • Why some projects fail while other projects end up being successful
  • The stages of Project Management:
    ○ Initiating
    ○ Planning
    ○ Executing
    ○ Monitoring
    ○ Closing

What Are the Requirements?

Our courses are 100% online. They can be completed anywhere you have access to internet: at work, at home, etc. No matter how you choose to complete it, taking the exam and receiving a digital certificate is entirely free; however, if you wish to also acquire a physical certificate or transcripts, we do charge a $18.95 fee.

All of our online certifications, including our Six Sigma training, can qualify anyone in the business world to advance in their careers or aid their companies with unique skill sets. If you are looking to move up or just want to get your foot in the door in a different area of the business industry–whether it is for Lean certification or project management–our free certifications are available for you right now – just click enroll!