A Six Sigma Lean Black Belt in Education — Is it Worth it in the Age of COVID-19?

The age of COVID-19 has undoubtedly proved to be a challenge for many educational institutions. As many people know, schools across the county have been forced to shift to all remote learning, a combination of remote learning and in-person learning, or something else entirely. Because of this, great teachers and other educators have become a critical part of ensuring that students are continuously learning and growing throughout the pandemic.
While most teachers in the United States are required to have a bachelor’s degree, field experience, and a teaching certificate, many are also required to have continuing education (CE) courses every few years. For example, in PA, Act 48 of 1999 requires those holding a teaching certificate to complete CE requirements to keep their certificate active.
Even though many of the CE courses will help teachers to become the best they can possibly be both for remote and in-person learning during the current pandemic, an additional certification that they can consider at this time (and any time) is a Six Sigma Lean Black Belt in Education (LBBE)™.

Should educators consider a Six Sigma Black Belt in the age of COVID-19?

Yes. As we mentioned above, COVID-19 has become a hindrance. Teachers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the technology and current processes put in place for at-home learning, and so have students and their parents or guardians.
If you know anything about Six Sigma, you likely know that at its core it’s a set of tools and techniques for process improvements. These days, educational institutions need staff members who are willing to find innovative ways to keep their students engaged and learning during this historic time. Therefore, with a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, anyone in the educational sector will have the know-how to help improve processes to meet their students’ needs and eliminate inefficiencies during this challenging time in the educational realm. You can read more about the Six Sigma Lean Black Belt in Education by clicking here.
What we have touched upon here is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. To learn more about our Six Sigma certification in education and how it can benefit you, please give us a call or browse our website for more information.