4 Reasons to Pursue Volunteer Work While Unemployed

Through our work with the MSI Cares™ program, we recently made a $1,500 donation to the Food Bank of South Jersey. This vital community organization has been working harder than ever to feed vulnerable children, seniors, and families in our area throughout the COVID-19 pandemic — and they’re doing so, in large part, because of the energy and commitment of their dedicated volunteers.
It’s difficult to overstate the value of volunteer work when it comes to making the world a better place. Volunteering can also be extremely beneficial to professionals who have lost their jobs and find themselves with empty schedules — and a lot of extra frustration and stress.
If you’re currently filling your free time filling out job applications, here are four reasons to consider volunteer work while you’re between jobs.

  • Stay engaged. It can be difficult to remain productive without structure in your day. It’s easy to lose motivation during a grueling job search, and the less active you become, the worse you’re bound to feel. While a little bit of rest time is vital to your health and well-being, volunteering will keep your body and mind moving toward something positive every day.  
  • Learn new skills. Nothing promotes personal growth quite like tackling a challenge you’ve never had to face before. Not only is that stimulating and exciting in and of itself, but there’s no telling how you might use these new skills in the future. You’ll definitely want to include this experience on your resume!
  • Make connections. In addition to acquiring new skills that could help you grow personally and professionally, you’re going to meet interesting new people. Connections make the world go ‘round, and by joining a network of volunteers, you could open doors in both your social and professional life. 
  • Discover your “why.” Volunteering could be some of the most meaningful and rewarding work you ever do. Helping others could help instill you with a renewed sense of purpose, give you a greater sense of perspective on life, and take the pressure and the sting off your employment and financial situation.

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