3 Reasons Why Professional-Grade Certificates Are Better than Print-at-Home Documents

If you have a Six Sigma Green Belt under your belt, your dedication to growing as a business professional warrants professional-grade proof. You deserve a stately certificate that sets a prestigious tone for your office while telling a story to clients and visitors — a story of success. The Management and Strategy Institute goes the extra mile by providing high-quality, display-ready certificates and transcripts upon completion of each of our business education programs. We know your hard work is worth more than a PDF printout.

Below are the three biggest reasons why professional-grade certificates are so important.

  1. Business certificates are valuable assets, and they should look like it.
    You spent long hours working for your certificate, so you deserve more than a generic, letter-sized acknowledgment. The Management and Strategy Institute’s alumni and members have a strong international presence with influence in every industry, so we want our program participants to have meaningful proof of their achievements that business leaders will recognize globally.
  2. You can proudly display professional-grade certificates in your office.
    When your business certificates look as important as they truly are, you can proudly hang them in your office to set a professional tone for clients and visitors. Folks who visit your business will know you mean business when they see a wall decorated with prestigious qualifications and achievements. A do-it-yourself printout simply commands a less significant presence than a professional-grade certificate.
  3. Displaying high-quality business certificates improves your credibility.
    Six Sigma certificates are only as credible as they appear to your clients. Your accomplishments may be impressive on paper, but when they’re printed on flimsy 8 ½ by 11 inch paper from your home printer, they appear a bit underwhelming at first glance. The Management and Strategy Institute understands the importance of proper appearance and first impressions, which is why we only offer professional-grade certificates.

Boost Your Credibility With A Six Sigma Green Belt Certification!

Interested in validating your professionalism, expanding your knowledge base, and ultimately boosting the bottom line of your business? The experts at the Management and Strategy Institute will provide you with valuable skills and professional-grade proof of your qualifications. Call us today to learn more about our Six Sigma business education programs!