How long does it take to get a Six Sigma Black Belt?

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification generally takes between 1 to 3 months to study for and complete, depending on the organization you get your certification through.  The average completion time for the Six Sigma Black Belt through the Management and Strategy Institute is 30 days.

The Study material included with the Black Belt certification is specifically designed to prepare you for the certification exam.  Once you pass the exam, you will be certified directly through the Institute.

Unlike some certifying bodies, the Management and Strategy Institute does not require a completed project for certification.  Our certifications are designed to test someone’s fundamental knowledge of Six Sigma procedures, not the practical application of Six Sigma within a project.

The program is completely self-paced so you can move at whatever speed is comfortable for you.  If you have some Six Sigma experience, you may be able to complete the program faster.  You have a full year to complete it.

The study material included with the Six Sigma Black Belt certification is specifically designed to help prepare you for the exam.  It covers all of the key topics you need to understand.  Some of those topics include:

Process Capability
Process Capability Studies are used to determine whether a process is capable of consistently achieving specifications using system design, parameter design, and tolerances.  Have a basic understanding of process capability.  System design, Parameter design, and tolerances.

Inferential Statistics
Have a basic understanding of statistical theories which involve inference.

Hypothesis Testing
Use hypothesis testing to see if a potential solution will work.  Have a basic understanding of Hypothesis Testing.

Simple Linear and Multiple Regression Analysis
Have a basic understanding of regression analysis.

Designed Experiments
Using design of experiments and factorial experiments to determine the x and y variables that affect a response.  Have a basic understanding of design of experiments and factorial experiments.

The Management and Strategy Institute offers two Six Sigma Black Belt certifications.  The Regular and Lean versions.  Both Black Belt programs take approximately the same time to complete.  We also offer several specialty-level Black Belt certifications.  These include Healthcare, Human Resources (HR), and Information Technology (IT).  On average, these programs take slightly longer (2 to 3 days longer).
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