Management and Strategy Institute Advisory Board Application

About the MSI Advisory Board

The Management and Strategy Institute Advisory Board is an independent volunteer board.  The Advisory Board works with MSI to further our mission of providing respected and affordable certifications for business professionals.

The Advisory Board is made up of highly trained professionals with years of professional experience.  These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and provide valuable knowledge and experience.

Benefits of becoming an Advisory Board member

The Management and Strategy Institute Advisory Board is a volunteer position that comes with many benefits.

  • Prominent listing on the website as a board member. Includes a link to your LinkedIn profile and your professional website if desired*.
  • Direct influence on MSI study material and certification exams.
  • Access to MSI study material in development or Beta stages for review.
  • Access to MSI certification exam questions for review and comment.
  • Free access to new, select certification programs before they go live.

Advisory Board member requirements

The Management and Strategy Institute keeps the requirements for Advisory Board members broad because we look for a diverse group of professionals.  The list below gives a general guideline to what we look for.  If you have business skills and a desire to help MSI fulfil our mission of being a respected and affordable professional development association, you are encouraged to apply.

  • Applicants may be located anywhere in the world.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
    • Education exceptions are occasionally made for professionals with extensive experience in their given field.
  • Have at least 5 years of professional work experience.
  • Professional certifications are a plus.
  • Detailed LinkedIn profile highlighting your experience.
  • Professional demeanor and capable of professional communication with MSI employees and fellow board members.
  • English speaking (Bilingual in Spanish a plus)
  • Signing of NDA required.

What should I expect to do as an Advisory Board member?

As this is a volunteer position, the amount that you participate and contribute is up to you.  When MSI needs feedback, assistance, or training programs reviewed, all board members will be emailed and asked for feedback.  We also regularly ask for opinions on future certifications and even business practices like marketing.

Sometimes these requests may only take a few minutes.  Some examples of these requests include questions like:

  • Please review these 3 proposed questions for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam and provide your opinion on if they should be included.
  • Please review page 26 of this pre-release training program and advise us if additional information on this subject should be included.

Some requests may require more of your time, like reviewing a certification that is in Beta release.  Ultimately, the amount of time you invest is up to you.  Board members who volunteer more time may be given additional benefits and program access.  Board members who go an extended period of time without contributing are removed from the Advisory Board.  As a volunteer position, you may leave the Advisory Board at any time by notifying us via email.

Advisory Board Application

Max. file size: 512 MB.

Mission Statement

To be the industry leader in highly respected and affordable professional development certifications.