The Management and Strategy Institute Unveils Its Six Sigma Collector’s Coin

Dedicated to the continued education and enrichment of adult learners everywhere, the team at the Management and Strategy Institute takes great pride in the Six Sigma certification programs that it offers.

Catering to busy adults, part-time workers, military veterans, and anyone interested in expanding their professional skills, we provide the coursework, examination, and certification, all accessible and self-paced online.

The Six Sigma Collector’s Coin

In honor of the Six Sigma system and methodology, the Management and Strategy Institute now offers its own, newly-minted, and limited edition Six Sigma Collector’s Coin.

Bearing the company’s logo, and the core tenets of Six Sigma, the coin stands at 2” in diameter—ideal for adorning desks at work or in your home office. With this highly collectable coin you can show family, friends, and colleagues that you’re on the path to professional success, bolstered by Six Sigma.

On the second side of the Collector’s Coin, the DMAIC method is proudly showcased as “Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control.” Both as a reminder of the logic behind Six Sigma, and a testament to your continued education, the Six Sigma Collector’s Coin lends itself to any adult learner and business professional.

At $34.95, the Six Sigma Collector’s Coin can be purchased by any practitioner, learner or fan of the Six Sigma system. Because this is a limited edition coin, we encourage organizations to buy in bulk while supplies last!

Learning Opportunities at the MSI

Whether you apply Six Sigma methodologies privately or as part of a larger organization, the Management and Strategy Institute is here to augment your knowledge and mastery with our online Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Designed for professionals who want to lead their own Six Sigma projects, the Black Belt gives you a formidable awareness of DMAIC structures and processes, down to the individual as well as the organization.

When you study for your Black Belt certification through the Management and Strategy Institute, you’ll be provided all the materials that you need to familiarize yourself with core concepts which pertain to leadership and analytical thinking.

Once you’re adequately prepared and versed in Six Sigma terminology, you can take your timed online examination whenever, and wherever you are, within a year of your purchase date.