How to Expand Your Knowledge of Six Sigma in the Healthcare Industry

If you have already earned your Six Sigma Black Belt certification online, you may feel that you’ve already learned all that there is to know about the subject. However, just like a real karate student, earning your black belt does not mean that you have become a master; rather, a black belt signifies that one needs to continue to train and hone their skills. (In fact, one old adage maintains that a black belt should train until their belt is so worn-out that it turns white again.) The Management and Strategy Institute is proud to offer programs to allow learners to continue their professional development with Six Sigma Project Simulators. Today, we focus on the newest addition to the lineup, the Six Sigma Project Simulation in Healthcare.

What is a Project Simulation in Healthcare?
A project simulation throws you into a fictional scenario; in this instance, you are working for a healthcare company that is struggling to stay profitable. You will need to collect and measure data using the DMAIC method. Once you’ve identified the problems, you’ll need to create an improvement plan and a control method. At the conclusion of the course, you’ll write a detailed 8-10 page case study with your findings.

Wouldn’t real-world experience be more beneficial?
There is definitely no substitute for experience that is gained while actually working in the field. However, most people do not have an opportunity to create and implement a Six Sigma project in the healthcare industry, unless they are already working at a hospital or other medical facility that is currently using Six Sigma. By receiving certification in this course, you are telling employers that you possess the necessary skills to tackle a real problem effectively.

What are the prerequisites for the course?
You must have already earned your Six Sigma Black Belt, either from the Management and Strategy Institute or another reputable organization, as this course requires the application of advanced Six Sigma processes. Since you will be writing a lengthy case study, it is also recommended that you are a strong writer and critical thinker.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Six Sigma in the healthcare industry to the next level? Then enroll in our Project Simulation course today. As with all of our other programs, including our Six Sigma green belt certification, you can study online at your own pace, which puts you in control of your education. At the completion of the course, you will receive a professional certificate and transcripts which let your employer know that you are highly qualified in Six Sigma practices. Take charge of your career — enroll today!