How Does a Six Sigma Black Belt Become a Certified Trainer?

Three people sitting at table planning six sigma project

How Does a Six Sigma Black Belt Become a Certified Trainer? In most cases, training of Six Sigma methods and procedures is done by certified Master Black Belts.  A Six Sigma Black Belt interested in offering training should first seek certification as a Master Black Belt.  It is also highly recommended that they gain a […]

Improve your Healthcare Leadership with Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma is a method that can help to reduce the variations that come along with planning and implementing business, manufacturing, or service industry processes. There is an urgent need within the healthcare industry to streamline business operations and lower costs while also maintaining a high level of care for patients. Six Sigma certification with a concentration in healthcare can give […]

Why Veterans Should Consider Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification

female military veteran

At the Management and Strategy Institute, we have deep respect for our country’s veterans.If fact, MSI is veteran owned!  MSI certifies thousands of military personnel every year.  Whether they stay in the military and use their certification for advancement, or transfer their skills into the civilian world, having professional certifications have a positive impact on […]