What is the role of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt?

A Yellow Belt will usually be a general member of the workforce, utilized for their skills, knowledge, or experience within the process that is being reviewed by the Six Sigma project.

This most likely will not be a full-time role, although it may be undertaken for a short period of time on a full time basis depending upon the project being reviewed.

The role of the Yellow Belt is likely to include assisting in the gathering of measurements and metrics during the Measure stage.  They will also be acting as a subject matter expert on the process being reviewed.  They will also be working with project Green Belts to create communication plans that will explain the improvements and process changes to employees and departments affected by the project.

To be a Yellow Belt, you should have an understanding of what Six Sigma is and how it’s developed.  You’ll need to know how Six Sigma can be applied in the work place, how a project opportunity may be identified, and how deployment will take place.  An understanding of what the DMAIC methodology is and a general understanding of the Six Sigma process is also required.

You can register for a Six Sigma Yellow Belt directly through the Management and Strategy Institute.  Our certification includes all of the study material you’ll need to prepare for the exam as well as the exam itself.  Simply follow the link below to learn more.