Certification Combinations

We’re often asked about different Six Sigma certification combinations and what is best.  This answer depends a little on the industry you work in and how you’re planning to use the certifications.  For the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at combinations that will help improve your resumé.

Lets take a look at several combinations that are very popular:

Six Sigma Lean Black Belt and Continuous Improvement Manager

If you’re looking to lead projects or work as a manager within a company that has a continuous improvement methodology in place, these two certifications are a great combination.  The Lean Black Belt will give you the complete understanding of the DMAIC process and how to lead a Lean Six Sigma project to success.  In today’s ever changing business environment however, this may not be enough.  Having a certification in Continuous Improvement helps ensure you have an understanding of other popular improvement methods like TQM and 5S.
  • Resumé Booster:  If an employer is looking for someone with an understanding of improvement methodologies, this combination of just two certifications give you an understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, and 5S.  A powerful combination of methodologies.
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Six Sigma Lean Black Belt in Healthcare and Healthcare Project Simulator

In the healthcare sector, quality and cost controls are critical elements.  That’s why Six Sigma and Lean are such popular programs throughout the healthcare sector.  Whether you work on the business side or the clinical side, streamlined processes with limited waste are critical.  The Lean Black Belt in Healthcare will teach you some of the key components that are used specifically in healthcare.  The Project Simulator allows you to practice applying the methodology and write a Case Study on its impact.
  • Resumé Booster:  Sometimes employers want someone with both a certification and experience.  While a project simulation isn’t the same as a real-world project application, it can still give you a significant advantage over someone with just a certification.
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Six Sigma Lean Black Belt in Government and Change Management Certification

Sometimes the only constant is change.  That can be especially true in government.  Whether you work at the State or Federal level, tight budgets and ever-changing policies are a constant issue.  This certification combination gives you the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma for government mixed with the change management skills needed to implement change.
  • Resumé Booster:  This powerful combination of certifications will show hiring managers in government positions that you have the knowledge to implement change and the skills needed to manage it.
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Six Sigma Green Belt and Kaizen Facilitator

Not all project need to be company-wide, multi-million dollar projects.  Learn to work within and lead smaller Six Sigma Projects with a combination of Six Sigma Green Belt and Kaizen Certifications.  Six Sigma Green Belt’s work under the direction of Black Belts, but they can also lead smaller projects.  Kaizen Events are small, short-duration projects that generally only last about a week.  They are hyper-focused on fixing one or two specific problems.
  • Resumé Booster:  This combination of certifications will show companies that you have a strong understanding of how to manage and run smaller Six Sigma projects.  Having an understanding of process waste reduction and cost-cutting is attractive to employers in this difficult business environment.
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