Advancing Your Business Career with Agile Project Management Fundamentals

If you’re a professional in the industry of IT or software development, you need an edge to stay ahead of the competition. Here at the Management and Strategy Institute, we give learners the resources and training to succeed and shine within their fields—rising to leadership roles in healthcare, government, and other public and private sectors. With adult learners and evolving professionals in mind, we devised the Agile Project Management Fundamentals course for the small price of $199.95.
Advancing as an Agile Learner
Today in our interconnected world, it pays to sharpen your IT skills as much as you can. With a foray into Agile Project Management, anyone can delve into science and the applications of the Scrum framework—now a ubiquitous part of businesses, across a spectrum of industries. Unlike other institutions though, the Management and Strategy Institute believes this training should be available to everyone, regardless of their education or professional background.
With a knowledge of Agile Project Management Fundamentals, you’ll gain the insight and skill to design and implement activities that drive information technologies. Agility in the business world is about all about flexibility and adaptability, in terms of your products, services, and interactions.
Collaborating with Scrum
As activities within business increase in their complexity, it’s out of necessity and practicality that frameworks like Scrum become adopted and utilized on a daily basis. Through our Agile Project Management Fundamentals course, you’ll familiarize yourself with the concepts and terminology that pertain to Scrum—including cycles known as “sprints” and Scrum “events.” Because of how versatile the Scrum frameworks proves to be, it can adjust itself to any business, in any industry.
Prerequisites and Structure
As innovators and educators of Six Sigma Black and Green Belt certifications, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to continual training and career advancement. By design, the “Agile” course that we offer through the Management and Strategy Institute requires no previous certifications, college degrees or any exclusive prerequisites.
After paying for your Agile Project Management Fundamentals course, you’ll have a full year to pace yourself through its material, before completing the accompanying examination. Upon the successful completion of the two-hour exam, you’ll be mailed a copy of your certificate, along with an official transcript.
At the Management and Strategy Institute, we aspire to aid and assist adult learners every way that we can, from our “Agile” course to our ever-popular Six Sigma training modules.