Why You Should Purchase an Online Certification (While Discounted)!

If you’re pondering a change in your lifestyle and your career, you may want to think about considering Six Sigma certification programs. At the Management and Strategy Institute, anyone can acquire the skills and education they need, at their own pace and a price they can afford. Until September 30, 2017, all quality management programs of the Six Sigma family will be discounted by 25%, encouraging new beginnings at the start of the school year.
A Six Sigma Online Certification, Now 25% Off!
When employers see a Six Sigma certification on your resume, they recognize that you are serious about being productive in the workplace. A Top Quality Management Professional is fully versed in everything from ABC analysis, the TQM Pyramid, DMAIC problem solving, and DPA. Once certified by the Management Strategy Institute, you will be able to maintain and monitor the quality of product lines and customer services. After completing the TQM course, participants will also receive 30 PCUs, visible on all transcripts. You’ll also be sent a physical copy of your certification and letters of verification for any prospective employers.  Use coupon SEPTEMBER25 when you register.
Online Degrees vs. Online Certifications
The Management and Strategy Institute was founded by U.S veterans, as a collective effort to give others the tools and knowledge to succeed in the modern world. Since our society’s transition into the digital, certification programs like the Six Sigma Black Belt, have only increased in their popularity. Compared to full-fledged online degrees, online certifications can be completed in weeks and days; instead of months and years. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to enact a change, wouldn’t you like to see results now—not later?
The Real Value of an Online Course
Regardless of where you envision yourself in the workforce, the challenges you’ll face will reflect the day’s technologies. Being online in nature, the courses offered by an accredited institution like the Management and Strategy Institute impart only what is most relevant. Particularly in Communications and Information Technology, you see an embrace of the latest and greatest, practically every 6 months. Within the business community, there is no path to success and competency that has the versatility of a Management and Strategy Institute online certification.