Robot Automation

We talk a lot about automation here at MSI and how it may replace more jobs in the future.  Being in an academic setting, we don’t always see it with our own eyes.  Since the MSI offices were closed yesterday I took the family to the “Robot Revolution” exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  You can read more about it here:

If you live Near Philadelphia, I suggest you check it out.

This sorting machine was fairly simple, it was just sorting candy by color.  The speed is amazing though.  It’s clear that robots will be replacing more jobs in the future.  That’s why education, and especially continuing education, is so important.

There are already many jobs that we know are being replaced by robots, just look at what has happened in manufacturing.  Some other industries are surprising however.  Just going back a few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine driving-jobs like trucking would be in danger.  Who could imagine seeing a semi-truck going down the road without a driver?  But now, it looks like that “future” is quickly approaching.

Other surprising fields like Human Resources, Tax Preparers, and Bank Tellers may all be gone in the coming years.  This would be from the AI (Artificial Intellegence) aspect of automation.  As computers and machines become smarter, we’re quickly moving into a new world!