3 Reasons Process Improvement Executives Join a Professional Trade Association

Process improvement professionals everywhere rejoice! There’s a global trade association working to advocate for your specific needs. The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) boasts over 100,000 members and certification alumni in all 50 states in America and 34 countries around the world—representing executives in every industry and covering all demographics.

At MSI, not only do we promote the Six Sigma Black Belt certification and Lean Six Sigma certification, we provide career development and credentialing opportunities for members while promoting consistent improvements within organizations. We specialize in Six Sigma certification but also offer a complete line of professional development certifications. We also work with large corporations, government agencies, and small businesses to foster constant improvements and unparalleled quality for process improvement administrators all over the globe.

There’s a variety of reasons that joining a professional trade association like MSI is incredibly valuable, and here’s three that lead the list.

  • Credentialing. As an independent organization that creates proprietary certification exams to test competency in fundamental business subjects, MSI meets the needs of busy adults, like you, who are looking to expand your knowledge and advance your career. MSI certifications are exceedingly valuable with a business forum due to the fact that members have demonstrated proficiency and excellence in subject matter as verified by rigorous, thorough testing. All certification exams and training materials are completed solely online, so members can work their studying and testing into their individual schedule. It’s personalized convenience at its best.


  • Professional Development Standards. MSI sets high professional development standards based on a worldwide open source approach. Through research and an immense network of professionals, we are committed to fully understanding and continuous improvement for individuals and organizations. All research gathered is used to develop professional competency standards for MSI certifications. The most efficient and successful practices from every industry are collected and organized to be used by members.


  • Career Development. Certification programs from MSI are in high demand throughout top-level corporations throughout the U.S. and around the globe. MSI members access programs that train and develop their skills and knowledge to transitions into leadership roles within their company, business, or organization. Each certification fee includes free training materials for the individual to study at their own pace. As members can study and receive certification testing at their convenience as it works within their schedule, MSI programs are the perfect fit for busy adults, military members, shift workers, or any person looking to learn with limited time—like you.

In addition to the reasons described above, there is further proof that justifies the overwhelming benefits of choosing MSI that you can view by clicking here.
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